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The Equity Channel purpose is to connect people interested in actions on social determinants for health. Through the Equity Channel Community, all members can exchange their ideas and publish their contributions related to the social factors of health.

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Final Report of a Consortium on Social determinants and health inequalities

EuroHealthNet urges Europe to tell the truth and heed learning of evidence on inequalities EuroHealthNet, the partnership for European authorities working to improve health and equity, has welcomed the publication of the latest European evidence on the worsening state of social and health inequities across the EU in the context ...
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Social inclusion & Health Equity

Picture from ZeroPoverty - @ZeroPoverty Social exclusion encompasses dimensions, including income poverty, unemployment, access to education, information, childcare and health facilities as ell as social participation. People at risk of social exclusion from society are more likely to die prematurely due to unhealthy lifestyles and poor living and working conditions.

PROGRESS Programme

The PROGRESS Programme is a financial instrument from the European Commission supporting the development and the coordination of EU policy in five areas.

Working for Equity in Health

To explore the relationship between work, worklessness, social protection as social determinants of health inequalities. Read more …