How To Get Involved

Get involved with the community

What is it?
The community is an interactive part of the website which allows you to share your knowledge and ideas with others. This will give you the opportunity to make your voice heard, whether you are working on social issues, the environment, trade or technology. The debate about how EU policies can affect health equity has to involve all the areas which can influence health. The community allows this to happen online.

What can I do on the community?

Once you have signed up, it is very easy to get started, whether you want to begin a discussion on a new topic, comment on an existing debate, post a link to a new report, inform others about an upcoming event or draw attention to some important last-minute news.

This interactive, online platform means that letting others know about your work is quick and easy. Instead of booking a meeting room, sending hundreds of emails or making special arrangements, you can now share your message with a wide range of organisations at the click of a button.       

It sounds great. How do I join?
Just click here and then follow the steps to join. Signing up takes just a couple of minutes.

Please note that the community is run on the Ning social networking platform. To read the Ning privacy policy, please go to

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