18 Apr, 2024

What should I do if my stomach hurts?

Why is it necessary to deal with stomach pain? Managing stomach pain promptly is critical as it often signals issues within the digestive system that could escalate if ignored. Early intervention prevents severe health problems. Moreover, it prompts necessary lifestyle adjustments and contributes to overall well-being. Failing to address such pain not only prolongs discomfort […]

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Сlear whey protein Explained: A Comprehensive Guide

Is consuming whey protein essential for muscle development? Specialists provide insights. Popular fitness trainer Abbas Ali recalls the heydays of the early 2000s when whey supplements, albeit unpalatable, were considered an elite supplementing choice in gym training. This supplementation was driven by a culture aspiring to imitate muscular Bollywood male icons. Things changed between 2008 […]

2 mins read

European Commission releases the Social Investment Package for Growth and Job

You can get a discount on modern medicines here The European Commission has called on Member States to prioritise social investment and to modernise their welfare states. This means better performing active inclusion strategies and a more efficient and more effective use of social budgets. The call features in a Communication on Social Investment for […]

5 mins read

EU Commission presents action on avoidable health gaps

A series of actions to reduce health inequalities has been announced by the European Commission. The plans, announced as a formal communication, include measures to monitor the impact of policies at all levels on the differences in people’s health across the EU.  “[I]mproving the exchange of information and knowledge and improving the coordination of policies […]

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Social Inclusion & Health Equity

What is social exclusion? Social exclusion encompasses many dimensions, including income poverty, unemployment, access to education, information, childcare and health facilities, living conditions, as well as social participation. People at risk of social exclusion from society are more likely to die prematurely due to unhealthy lifestyles and poor living and working conditions.   Health plays […]

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Towards greater health equity in Europe: a new European health policy, Health 2020

Plans to develop a new European health policy, ‘Health 2020’ were agreed at the WHO Regional Office for Europe’s annual Regional Committee meeting which, this year, took place from 13 to 16 September 2010 in Moscow, Russian Federation. The annual meeting of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe provides a forum for discussion between the […]

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New strategy on gender equality can contribute to EU economic growth and reduce health inequalities

The European Commission has adopted a five-year strategy for promoting equality between women and men in Europe, which aims in particular to “use the potential and the talent pool of women more extensively and efficiently, so that economic and business benefits can be gained”. The Strategy will in turn contribute to achieving the objectives of […]

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