New Directions in Welfare 2011 Congress
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New Directions in Welfare 2011 Congress

6 – 8 July 2011

Paris, France

In July 2011 at Paris, the range of papers and topics will follow a similar pattern to the Oxford Conference which was attended by over 130 economists and generated a special issue of the Journal of Public Economics in honor of Professor Amartya Sen. We welcome contributions from theorists and empiricists alike who are interested in broadening our understanding of the economics of welfare which continues to flourish. Following work by Sen, Stiglitz and others that has helped to bring about the Sarkozy Report, the EU’s Beyond GDP memorandum and a number of other initiatives, the congress particularly welcomes papers relating to the theoretical or empirical economics of Health, Development, Social Policy, Environment, Labour, Education, Childhood, Aging, Migration, Culture, Happiness, Equality and Equity, Behavioural Economics and Life course issues – any area of economics, in fact, closely interested in understanding the economics of human welfare. Previously nearly a third of papers came from the following areas where there will again be strands: Social Choice, Utility Theory, Experimental Economics and Philosophical Foundations of Economic Theory.

The meeting in Paris, France provides an exciting opportunity for economists in many branches of the profession to come together and consider the latest research much of which is contributing the improvement of public policy (a focus of day 1) in many fields and countries around the world whilst broadening the conceptual, technical and substantive knowledge of economic analysis. We hope this will be, as before, a stimulating and friendly event which continues to explore themes discussed recently in Harvard, Oxford and Delhi and that participants will join us with a view to carrying the debate forward.

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