Mainstreaming Equality: Planning for Equality
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Mainstreaming Equality: Planning for Equality

November 9th 2010

Dublin, Ireland

The Equality Authority is announcing its sixth annual conference on ‘Mainstreaming Equality – Promoting Equality and Accommodating Diversity in Further Education, Training and Labour Market Programmes’. The conference theme this year is ”Planning for Equality”. It will feature national and international speakers on equality issues in vocational, further education and labour market programmes.

This year’s conference will focus on the theme of planning for equality and continue to explore the theme of equality mainstreaming in the design and delivery of vocational education, training and labour market programmes. The conference will also offer participants a chance to develop equality mainstreaming competencies through interactive learning workshops.

This conference will be of interest to providers of further education and training, those involved in designing and delivering labour market programmes and groups representing the nine grounds covered by the equality legislation.

Admission is free.

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