European Conference on Shared Social Responsibility
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European Conference on Shared Social Responsibility

February 28th – March 1st 2011


The Council of Europe – in partnership with the European Commission – is organising this conference on 28 February and 1 March 2011. The event is open to public authorities, researchers, NGOs, civil society, etc., and its aim is to give a thoroughly European focus to our reflection on the question of responsibilities in forging the future of our designs for democracy, social justice, poverty alleviation, sustainability and communal living.

A “European Charter on shared social responsibilities” is currently being drawn up and will be discussed before its final version during the first working day.

The conference will deal primarily with the following topics:

• the transformations in Europe: social cohesion and shared responsibility, key factors in creating vision and rebuilding confidence in the future;
• the need for a concept of shared social responsibility: prospects and obstacles;
• mobilising citizens and stake-holders through and for shared responsibilities;
• the challenges to placing shared responsibility at the heart of the political agenda;
• organising ourselves to achieve the objective of well-being for all.

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